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In 2007, frustrated with a lack of healthy options and nutritious food that could be had for a reasonable price in a quick environment, a couple of Canadian entrepreneurs with years of Foodservice experience behind them had a great idea for a fast-casual burrito concept, z-teca Gourmet Burritos. Theirs was a quest to turn traditional fast food on its ear by doing things differently. They decided to go back to basics, creating recipes from scratch, with ingredients they could recognize. Essentially, creating food that they would happily feed to their families at home.


Canadians in general are seeking healthier alternatives, owing to an aging population, greater knowledge of nutrition and an increase in healthier lifestyles. Tired of the same old, same old, z-teca was born to answer the call for better quality and fresher, healthier ingredients and on our 10th anniversary, we changed our name to z-teca Mexican Eatery to reflect this.


Why Mexican? Simple--it was their passion, and nobody seemed to be doing it right. Thus 'new age' California style Mexican was born in Toronto. The focus? To do a few things, and to do them really well. There are no gimmicky fast food style fried specialties, just REAL, WHOLESOME food inspired by Mexico. The result, a clean design with a simple, focused menu, using only fresh quality ingredients, hand processing with simple cooking techniques and employing great people who shared in the vision. This simple approach and passion for our business has allowed us to build a strong and successful brand. z-teca has cultivated a very loyal customer following, and with a solid foundation in place, is prepared to grow. We are seeking the right operators who share in our passion and vision of our brand.

The food here is ALWAYS great!

John Hajdly


Waaaaay better than Chipotle!



I've tried a lot of burritos.  Z-teca's burrito is by far my favourite!

Adam Jackett


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